Admission – Circus Art / AERIAL ACROBATICS BA

We assess applicants in three parts of the admissions process:

  1. Evaluation of the internal application form
  2. Assessment of the applicant’s suitability for the course
  3. Assessment of the practical examination


Evaluation of the internal application form

Assessment method: pass/fail

Assessment of the prerequisites for starting the Aerial Acrobatics BA in Circus Arts. If candidates fail the assessment of the submitted internal application form, they will not be allowed to attend the personal interview.

Aptitude test

Assessment method: pass/fail

– physical suitibility

Assessment of the physical fitness required to start the BA course in Circus Arts with a specialisation in aerial acrobatics. Physical disqualification from higher education may be given if the student is not physically fit to perform the basics of the circus disciplines or if there is a physical barrier to performing aerial acrobatics. Particular attention should be paid to the risks of circus operations.

  • sufficient physical fitness to perform circus routines at a basic level
  • physical aptitude for the practice of the main genre and the selection of the side genres
  • assessment of coordination, balance and movement skills

– mental aptitude

This is an assessment of the pshycological suitibility required to perform aerial acrobatics. Perception of danger, sensing danger. The ability to overcome the fear of heights, which can be developed. The ability to work in pairs or in a group, to listen to each other, empathy, sense of responsibility, commitment to each other’s lives.

  • emotional control,
  • partner cooperation,
  • attention and discipline
  • openness and flexibility

Practical exam

Evaluation method: scoring

– practical part of the exam

  • body structure examination in a guided workshop
  • body strength, stamina
  • flexibility, elasticity
  • stage movement (sense of rhythm, movement techniques, dance, physical expression)
  • creativity and imagination
  • ability to follow instructions

Presentation of a production (artistic or co-artistic)

– oral exam

Motivation interview

  • the candidates’ relationship with aerial acrobatics
  • their recieving and performing experience in theatre, circus, other performing arts
  • their interest in the arts
  • their social interest
  • presentation of a freely chosen topic
  • their communication tools