The aim of the admission process is to ensure that the applicant and the school representatives have a clear commitment to the several years of cooperation ahead. We suggest that the applicant should get to know the College in the pre-admission period. We offer a range of Admission preparation programs to help you do this. The admission process itself is also an excellent opportunity for everyone to face the joys and difficulties that await them. Knowing the opportunities and challenges is a responsible way to start the preparation for a career as a professional circus artist, which requires an extraordinary amount of energy.

At the admission we would like to find out about the following:

  • how much experience applicants have in horse riding, equestrian acrobatics and other circus art disciplines.
  • whether they have the potential for the chosen career.
  • how committed they are to responsible animal care, to cultivating, learning and passing on the values of the circus.
  • whether, on the basis of their abilities and intellectual orientation, they can be prepared for the chosen career through the pedagogical path offered by the BCDC.

During the practical examination, we will assess your existing experience in acrobatics and horse riding. We also try to get an objective, full picture of the motivation of the applicants and to identify the type of receptiveness and possible development paths in the areas of learning and performing practice.