Tuition Scholarships

Our college offers students with active student status the opportunity to receive a scholarship specifically aimed at paying tuition fees. When awarding the scholarship, we take into account the applicant’s social situation, earning capacity and academic results achieved so far. The tuition scholarship can be won based on these three criteria.

Social situation and ability to pay: presentation of the applicant’s current social background and earning capacity by the student.

Academic achievement: the academic achievement so far is evaluated by the head of department based on a set of criteria, taking into account the student’s motivation, adherence to norms, class attendance and academic progress.

Tuition scholarship can be applied for even after one completed semester.

After determining the eligibility, the financial management of the College decides on the amount of the awarded support, which can be up to 50-80% of the total tuition fee. The scholarship is for a specific academic semester.

College scholarship, grant and advisory system

Recognising that young people starting their college studies often have difficulty in navigating between tuition fees, scholarships and various tuition fee support schemes, the Budapest Circus Arts and Contemporary Dance College has set up a counselling office, which provides personal counselling to prospective students and BCDC students as well.

The office helps students to explore the possibilities of obtaining some part or all of the resources needed for tuition fees and living during the study period.

The personal development of young people studying at college and finding their way in life involves learning how to make a living to achieve personal and professional goals. Learning about support opportunities and systems is an essential part of this process. The way in which students finance their own life is primarily their own and partly – depending on their financial situation – their family’s responsibility. As a contribution to this, the BCDC helps students to find grants and scholarships.

Examples of tuition fee support and other scholarship opportunities:

  • Rector scholarships
  • National higher education scholarships
  • National Excellence Scholarship of the Capital Circus of Budapest
  • Municipal scholarships
  • NGOs and foundations which the College has a good professional relationship with and which provide partial or full tuition fee support to students on the basis of good references.
  • Student loan schemes
  • Instalment loans


Student card

All students with a student card are entitled to discounts and student loans. Administration: Department of Studies


The College provides accommodation at reasonable rates, subject to availability. Administration: Department of Studies

Erasmus Program

Erasmus+ is a European Union’s program for education, training, youth and sport, for which institutions can apply and thus individual participation can be made through them. Detailed information: ERASMUS PROGRAM