Third dimension!

To live with wings, to lift off the ground, to fly, to defy gravity is our eternal human dream. Few people are given the chance to lift themselves off the ground, not just as a dream, but in reality, and to do it every day as an integral part of their lives. The world of the circus artists offers the possibility, the stage to live the seemingly impossible. We can fly up the dome, where we can dance in the air, conquer the heights under the gaze of hundreds of eyes.

All this requires professional help, a perfect knowledge of your body, the perfect development of the flexibility of your muscles and skeleton, and excellent stamina. The path to lifting the movements practised on the ground into the air requires extreme precision, awareness and concentration.

Technical equipment, motors capable of lifting people at different speeds, high altitude space with a pulling point, aerial hoops, trapeze, tissue or hammock, nets or straps are available, but above all, determination, the will to do, to fly, to dance in the air are needed.

A new circus genre will soon be added to our training offer.

In September 2024 we will launch our


BA course in Circus Arts.

In addition to practical knowledge a BA degree from our College also develops an artistic analytical mindset. It enables circus artists with a bachelor of arts degree to be able to perform as individual aerial acrobats or as part of a group. They will be able to create a new, independent act but, in addition to the technical skills, they must also be aware of the artistic content and message-carrying potential of the skills acquired.

Applications are invited from young people who have graduated from high school and have the physical build and strength to work in the air, to create aesthetic, artistic work. Those who have experience and previous training in dance or aerial acrobatics. With a thirst for knowledge, wish to acquire the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to practice, cultivate or even renew this wonderful discipline of circus arts.


We assess applicants in three parts of the admissions process:

– Evaluation of the internal application form
– Assessment of the applicant’s suitability for the course
– Assessment of the practical examination


Tuition fee / Scholarship

Tuition fee

Currenlty you can only apply for fee-based courses at a price of 900.000.- HUF / semester.

The advisory office of the Budapest Circus Arts and Contemporary Dance College can help you explore the possibilities of getting part or full funding for tuition fees and living expenses during your studies.

News / scholarship opportunities

Summer Camp

In a wonderful natural environment, near the Danube, the camp offers all-day professional, artistic sessions where participants can get acquainted with the genres of circus arts, circus dance and contemporary dance with the help of our College’s teachers.

Tuition Scholarships

Our college offers students with active student status the opportunity to receive a scholarship specifically aimed at paying tuition fees.