Dance and Rehearsal Coaching BA / CIRCUS DANCER specialisation

About the course

The aim of the course

The three-year, full-time course prepares students primarily for dancing in the circus world. Circus dancers are proficient in a wide range of dance styles, are able to capture and perform the stylistic and performance qualities of each genre, and dance not only on the ground but also in the air. They are also open to experimenting and developing themselves in different circus genres. They are able to contribute creatively to the realisation of the director/choreographer’s concept.

During the course, students will be mentally and practically prepared to conduct rehearsals, to coordinate the work of all participants in a rehearsal process. They will follow and convey an appropiate professional communication and behaviour. They will also learn the skills of self-marketing and communication with colleagues and the media which are necessary for a successful career.

The speciality of the course

In addition to developing their dancing qualities, students will acquire the basics of aerial acrobatics, thus gaining a new profession that will give them a much better chance of entering the international cultural arena. They will also have the opportunity to see the work of the Dance Ensamble of the Capital Circus of Budapest and even follow the preparation process of one of their performances.

Who can apply?

Anyone with a basic background in dance, gymnastics or acrobatics, who wants to develop their skills, is interested in leading dance groups and wants a real hands-on opportunity.

Training areas of the course

In addition to learning about the different dance style trends, we provide the necessary skills to identify the specificities of the genre and the technical knowledge to perform the differences between the various dance styles. Besides general movement training, health awareness and the development of coordination and isolation, a wide range of dance styles will be covered: classical ballet basics, Hungarian folk dance and folk dances of other nations, jazz dance, fashion dance, ballroom dance, revue, street dance, modern dance, contemporary dance, contact dance.

With basic acrobat training, students will be able to perform simple yet spectacular tricks in the air and on the ground, such as juggling, stilt walking, bungee jumping, air hoop, swaypole, or tissue.

Individual work is about working through and practising what you have learnt, but it also gives students the opportunity to take their own initiatives. The school year consists of five periods. At the end of each period, students have the opportunity to share their work with their peers and teachers.

The discourse modules use practice-oriented methods to learn about the historical and aesthetic context of the profession, as well as the related arts.

The job of the assistant choreographer requires complex organisational, social and communication skills. During the course, students will be introduced to a variety of creative methods, attend rehearsals and try themselves out in leadership roles at different levels.

The traineeships are carried out in cooperation with the Budapest Circus and other partner circuses and theatres.

The teaching-learning process takes place in constant dialogue. Regular forums and mentoring ensure a lively relationship between the colllege and the students.

The structure of the course

Year I:

  • Learning the basics of different dance genres, tailored to the individual.
  • Developing a sense of style.
  • Getting to know different genres.
  • Preparing the body and mind to perform artistic genres, both on the ground and in the air.

Year II:

  • Immersion and specialisation in the chosen genre.
  • Further expansion of the repertoire of stage dances already mastered.

Year III:

  • internship as an assistant choreographer and stage dancer in the Capital Circus of Budapest and other partner institutions, as well as the preparation of the Diploma thesis.


Sample timetable

   individual warm-up 
   rhythm and dance /Hungarian folkdance/ 
   ballroom dance /bachata/ 
   Afro dance 
   guided streching 
   floor acrobatics 
   guided warm-up 
   contemporary dance 
   modern dance 
   individual work /dance studio/ 
   individual work /aerial acrobatics/ 
   guided warm-up 
   modern dance 
   circus studies module /safety management/ 
   art module /fine arts/ 
   aerial acrobatics 
   individual warm-up 
   rhythm and dance /Hungarian folkdance/ 
   contemporary dance 
   ballroom dance /bachata/ 
   guided streching 
   aerial acrobatics 
   guided warm-up 
   afro dance 
   stage movement 
   guided streching 
   floor acrobatics 


The aim of the admission process is to ensure that the applicant and the school representatives have a clear commitment to the several years of cooperation ahead.

We suggest that the applicant should get to know the College in the pre-admission period.


Tuition fee / Scholarship

Tuition fee

Currenlty you can only apply for fee-based courses at a price of 900.000.- HUF / semester.

The advisory office of the Budapest Circus Arts and Contemporary Dance College can help you explore the possibilities of getting part or full funding for tuition fees and living expenses during your studies.


Summer Camp

In a wonderful natural environment, near the Danube, the camp offers all-day professional, artistic sessions where participants can get acquainted with the genres of circus arts, circus dance and contemporary dance with the help of our College’s teachers.

Tuition Scholarships

Our college offers students with active student status the opportunity to receive a scholarship specifically aimed at paying tuition fees.