Contemporary Dance BA


Tuition Scholarships

Our college offers students with active student status the opportunity to receive a scholarship specifically aimed at paying tuition fees.



The mission of Contemporary Dance BA of BCDC is to foster the development and artistic growth of young, talented individuals. To achieve this goal we strive to create an environment where all students can pursue the knowledge, tools and skills required of performance artists entering into the ever expanding field of contemporary dance.

During the three-year training program, students will receive training in diverse technical dance techniques as well as have the time for individual research in pursuit of innovative approaches for creating and performing their own works. The three year curriculum is designed to guide the student through a dance education that will culminate in the BA degree in contemporary dance at the end of their studies.

Further objective of the BA course is to provide orientation and preparation for future students and anyone who is interested in contemporary dance. In the frame of LEAP programs we are offering courses and workshops to help people on their path to engage with dance. 

It is our goal to create an educational environment where the fields of dance pedagogy and arts education represent the basic values and diverse aspects of social and cultural life. An important component of this goal is to expose the students to the artistic work and performances of the school’s former students. In doing so, the student enters into a holistic approach to education involving the diversity of dance, culture, art and life.


The three-year training program enables applicants to step onto the path of becoming professional contemporary dancers.

The curriculum focuses on the study of traditional and innovative dance techniques as well as supports and encourages students in their search and development of experimental, research-based creative practices that will lead them to find their own unique, authentic performing voice.

Attributes such as reflectivity, curiosity and dedication are essential to shape the student’s self-image as a performer or creator. These qualities, in turn, will elevate their sensitivity and openness towards social and cultural contexts.

The three-year program is aimed at those who are willing to undertake 100% intensive individual and group work in order to find their own artistic path.

“We are not teaching dances, we are learning to dance.”
Iván Angelus, founding rector



Following the school’s decades-long tradition, we actively seek opportunities to meet people interested in dance, future students, and the public at large. To this end, we are continuing the LEAP program in the next academic year. The programs offer a chance to meet in person and to give an insight into the pedagogical methods and the professional view of Hungary’s only higher education program offering a BA degree in contemporary dance. We are organizing courses and programs throughout the year: Pre-Audition Course, Orientation Days, Online Mentor Program and Open Days.




Since 2005, a wide range of national and international dance professionals have taught in our undergraduate dance courses. We are proud that many of our teachers, now established and renowned artists, are former students of the College because the continuity and transfer of knowledge is an essential cornerstone of our school’s philosophy.

Pedagogical coordination of the BA course:
Tibor Kováts – Head of department of the Contemporary Dance BA
Tamás Bakó – Head of the Year of 2022-25 of the Contemporary Dance BA
Dóra Furulyás – Program coordinator of the Contemporary Dance BA

Teachers of the BA course in 23/24:
Joe Alegado – Shifting Roots – Alegado Movement Language
Tamás Bakó – contemporary dance, Contact Improvisation
Kámea Frakas – House&Folk
Zoltán Farkas – Rhythm & Dance, movement and rhythm of the dances of the Carpathian Basin
Dóra Furulyás – improvisation, composition
László Fülöp – composition
Marcela Giesche – contemporary dance
Luca Kancsón- contemporary dance
Tamás Darai – ballet
Tibor Kováts – ballet
Emese Cuhorka – improvisation
Enikő Kulcsár Vajda – Mobility Flow
Katalin Lőrinc – Graham basics
Dávid Mikó – contemporary dance and Kung-Fu basics
Zoltán Mizsei – Music Studies
Gábor Roskó – Art Studies
Petra Péter – Dance Studies
Boglárka Simon-Hatala – Body and health awareness
Milán Újvári – contemporary dance