Emese Cuhorka


Contemporary dance artist, choreographer, and teacher graduated from the Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy in 2011. Since 2007 she has been working with Adrienn Hód, since 2009 she is a performer and partner of Hodworks. Since 2009 she is collaborating with László Fülöp in researching movement and relationship theatre enriched with personal experiences, and with Csaba Molnár in reinterpreting subcultures, using theatre as a means of quackery. In her career, she has been awarded the Rudolf Lábán Prize for six performances as co-creator and performer: Hodworks: Basse danse (2011), Dawn (2013), Timothy and the Things: “There’s an elephant in every room…” (2014), Hodworks: Grace (2016), Solos (2017), Masterpiece (2019). Her production of The Euphoria of Being with The Symptoms was a Special Prize Winner of the Theatre Critics’ Prize in 2016. Five performances, in which she was co-creator and performer, were selected by Aerowaves as among the most outstanding dance performances in Europe (Basse danse, Dawn, Condition of Being a Mortal, Your Mother at My Door, Masterpiece).