Gulnara Savenko


Dance teacher, choreographer. She graduated as a choreographer from the Kyiv Municipal Academy of Circus and Performing Arts, where she teaches modern dance. She has been living in Hungary since March 2020, teaching Hungarian and Ukrainian students at the Circus School Baross Imre. She is the choreographer and director of the production Children of Ukraine, a production in support of the Ukrainian circus community, which premiered at the Princess Grace Theatre in Monte Carlo, Monaco. As the director, she represented Ukraine at the international charity evening “Stojíme za Ukrajinou” in Prague. Choreographer and director of the Children of Hope gala concert at the National Theatre in Budapest in May 2022. Choreographer of the International Circus Festival City of Latina in Italy and choreographer of the Dancing with the Stars television show in Ukraine. She has been honored for her cultural activities in Ukraine and the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.