János Greifenstein

quality coordinator
clown BA
head of department

He began his theatre-making career in the creative environment of the Tanulmány Theatre (later known as the Arvisura Theatre) in 1981. Here he was a student of István Somogyi, and his other teachers included Péter Uray, László Rókás, Josef Nadj, Gábor Goda, Imre Montágh és Győző Duró.

From 1995 he worked in the company of Ádám Horgas called Atlantis Theatre. Initially he held trainings in acting, acrobatics and music, later joining the company. This formation formed the company of the Merlin Theatre under the direction of Tamás Jordán.

In 1996, the mission of the Red Nose Clown Doctors was launched in Hungary. From the beginning until 2016 he worked as a clown doctor and for 15 years as an artistic director. He was involved in the development of the clown training curriculum of the Red Noses Clowndoctors International.

Since 2007 he has held clown workshops in Hungarian theatres (Miskolc, Kaposvár, Nyíregyháza, Békéscsaba, Pécs). His mission is to raise the status and professionalism of clowning.

He taught clowning, acting, music practice and circus history at the Baross Imre Circus School in Budapest from 2017 to 2023.

In 2020 he joined the community of the Budapest Contemporary Dance College as an MA student. He participated in the preparation and accreditation work for the launch of circus arts courses. He is currently the Head of Department of the Circus Arts/Clown specialization.