“Interested in our academy but unsure whether to submit your application?
If you’ve been thinking about it…, you’re interested in dance… but you don’t know…” 

We are continuing the Online Mentor Program in the academic years 2023/24, in which we are welcoming dance videos created based on one of the topics listed below: 

  • Introduce yourself without words.
  • Make a video based on inspiration.
  • Show a style you like and know.
  • Applicants who participated in the previous call will have the opportunity to continue the work they started with us.

The aim of this program is to give feedback from a professional point of view to participants and the opportunity to encounter the pedagogical approach of the contemporary dance BA course at BCDC.

The program is recommended for those who are interested in the Contemporary dance BA course and want to gain more personal experience before applying for admission, as well as for those wanting to get feedback on their dance by showing their work.

Videos will be received by Tamás Bakó and Dóra Furulyás, the program coordinators of Contemporary dance BA.

The program will be announced in several periods throughout 2023/24. 

You can apply for the program once per period, with one work, but repeated participation per period is not excluded.

Application details

  • Applications are invited on a rolling basis until 15.11.2023.
  • We will give feedback on the submitted works by  10.12.2023 at the latest.
  • To participate in the program, please return the completed application form.

Useful considerations for making the video:

You may:

  • choreograph or improvise your dance,
  • dance to music or without music,
  • dance indoors or outdoors.


  • make the video  1-2 minutes long
  • make a beginning and an end to your dance,
  • minimum 720p resolution,
  • make sure your dance is clearly visible,
  • shoot from a fixed camera position!


  • Include use of equipment,
  • use speech,
  • edit or cut,
  • use filters and/or effects