We are welcoming all dance lovers who want to learn about traditional, innovative and fusion trends in contemporary dance. The Open Dance Classes are held by current teachers of the Contemporary Dance BA of BCDC, who are renowned performers, teachers and former students of the school both in Hungary and abroad. 

The dance classes can be attended occasionally or regularly. Occasional tickets, discounted season tickets for each period or the whole year are available.

The first dance lesson of each period is free of charge.

Budapest Circus Arts and Contemporary Dance College,
1036 Budapest, Perc utca 2. 2nd floor (wooden door)

Comfortable clothing is recommended for the classes.

Before attending the first class please fill out and send in the registration form.


Dóra Furulyás: creative dance 19.09.2023-2023.10.26.
Tuesday-thursday 18:00-19:30
Kámea Farkas: House&Folk 2023.11.07-2023.12.14
Blanka Csasznyi: AML Shifting Roots 2024.01.16-2024.02.15.
Dávid Mikó: Floorwork 2024.02.20-2024.03.28.
Tamás Bakó: Contemporary Dance 2024.04.09-2024.05.16.


Single class ticket: HUF 3,500
One period (12 sessions): HUF 30,000
Payment for the whole year in one sum: HUF 120,000

Payment method:
1. On site in cash (please bring the exact amount)
2. With reference to the following account number (with the name indicated in the note):

Budapest Circus Arts and Contemporary Dance College
BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER: 10405004-50526789-78811009

Please send your questions to with the subject Open Classes.