The College’s artistic and pedagogical activities are defined by a conscious, reflexive relationship with tradition, and also a research attitude and a commitment to innovation.

Artistic research & creation

As an integral part of the curricula of the performing arts courses at the College, there is regular creative and research work in all our courses. The academic year is divided into five periods, in each of which students participate in a new research or creative process, individually or in small groups, and in different roles: as leaders, co-creators, researchers, performers… The “individual work” and “rehearsal” time slot (individual or group, but not teacher-led), varying from one day to another or from one week to another, provide a “compulsory” routine and experience for creative, experimental work, research and performance. The college provides the space and time for this, as well as a professional mentor to support you.

The results of the projects are presented and evaluated at the College’s internal forum, the In-House Shows, with the active participation of the student and teacher community. These Shows are a platform for the presentations of students’ independent work, where not only the more or less finished and smaller or larger productions can be performed, but also partial results of the early stages of the production process: research on movement language, research on the methodology of artistic creation, production details can be presented. In general, we encourage the presentation of smaller-scale but more in-depth and elaborate works, but this will depend largely on the current stage of development and level of the participants, as the aim of the In-House Shows is to develop the creators, not the audience.

During these events students also learn the techniques of giving and receiving professional feedback. Some of the student works presented in the In-House Shows may also be invited to the College’s public forums.

The external public forums for the artistic research and creative work are the College’s performances, which we traditionally present several times a year:

  • decemberben, a téli szünet előtt a Főiskola székhelyén, stúdiókörülmények között
  • in March, we will transfer the works from the studio to the theatre space, in which MU Theatre has been our partner for many years
  • in April on the World Dance Day and World Circus Day
  • in May/June during the end of the school year shows

These public events also include pedagogical methodological presentations, workshops, professional lectures and discussions on current trends in artistic research. The programmes are structured by the course supervisors.

You can read more about our public performances here…


Pedagogical innovation

In the 21st century, in all walks of life, it is true that after an era of fragmentation and over-specialisation, the integration of disciplines has come to the fore again. This is particularly true in the performing arts, where the most distant artistic traditions in space and/or time and the most diverse fields of knowledge are most easily accommodated in a given production, and therefore it is essential that the artist’s knowledge and skills are appropriate to achieve this. And because there is no such person who knows everything, we are educating artists who are capable of embracing many things. The content of their training has shifted from the acquisition of knowledge to the teaching of developmental skills.

In the training structure, practical and theoretical knowledge complement and support each other, and our main subjects are taught in an “integrated practice and theory” format. All teachers at the College work to develop this integration and conduct methodological research in this area in their teaching.

As the College has always been working in new areas of training since the beginning, it has developed a number of new Training and Graduation Requirements for new courses under the leadership of Iván Angelus.


Contemporary dance artist college course

Contemporary dance choreographer college course

Contemporary dance pedagogue college course


Dance artist (contemporary dance specialization) BA course

Dance teacher (contemporary dance specialization) MA course


Circus Arts BA and MA courses


Circus Arts teacher MA course