Sára Luca Boncsér


She has been involved in improvisational theatre for more than ten years, starting her acting career in the improvisation company and workshop of the Grund Theatre directed by Andrew Hefler, where she performed in numerous productions and led many improvisation training courses. She later worked as an independent actor with the Trojka Theatre Company and also participated in films and series as an actress and trainer. She is currently performing in Grund productions, independent productions, and the Hírös Gasztroszínház in Kecskemét.

In addition to this, she works as a communication trainer, where she uses improvisation techniques to help the development and evolution of company teams. Active work for social equality is also an important part of her life, she is involved in the integration of people with disabilities at Jamba Hungary and is a permanent trainer for the Integrom roma integration program. For two years she has been running her improvisation group, where civilians can learn performance techniques and scene creation.

She has a bachelor’s degree in aesthetics and is currently studying psychology at the University of Szeged, where improvisation as a developmental method is at the center of her research.