The admission process

Admission requirements may vary from course to course, but we have collected a list of common features regarding the types of exams.

The admission consists of 3 parts:

1. Aptitude test

During the aptitude test, we try to assess whether the canditates’ physical, mental and psychological characteristics and health condition allow them to participate in the course.

2. Oral exam

In order to get an objective, full picture, we would like to understand the motivation of the applicants and to explore the nature of their receptivity and possible paths of their development in the fields of creativity, technique, performing and artistic practice. This conversation focuses on the applicants’ cultural and personal interests, especially in the fields of dance, circus, theatre, music and visual arts. 

3. Practical exam

The practical exam assesses the professional knowledge and skills which the candidates have already acquired in the chosen field of study.

English communication skills are assessed throughout the whole admission process.

Calculation of scores

During the aptitude test, the committee may give a ’passing’ or ’failing’ grade. A ‘failing’ grade will also disqualify you from further admission. 

Admission scores are calculated on the basis of the scores canditates got in the oral and practical tests during the admission procedure. No other scores from previous schools and exams will be taken into account.