The central application form (FELVI)

The first step to successful admission is to submit the central application form, which can be submitted during specific periods of the central admission procedures.

Application with E-admission

Applications for Bachelor’s, undivided and Master’s programs, and also for higher education vocational courses can only be made via the E‑admission site. Here you will need to enter your personal data, select the courses you have chosen (setting the order in which you wish to apply) and upload copies of documents, certificates etc. that you need for the application and the calculation of scores. During the admission procedure, certain information and reminders (e.g. the applicant needs to submit missing documents) are also sent to the e-Admission platform.

The electronic application site includes admission guide, messages, warnings and search engines to help you fill in the form. A big advantage of the system is that it automatically corrects any typos or meaningless data which it detects in the information you enter. The system will provide feedback about mistakes (in cases where it would be of significance, and can be verified automatically), for example, you cannot select a a non-existant course in the system. You can stop and continue filling in forms at any time, and data can be saved so that it is not necessary to enter all the information at once. In addition, you can see the amount(s) of the additional procedural fee(s) to be paid and the list of documents to be attached to the application in the E-admission interface.

Application via the E-Admission platform

E-Admission was created to simplify and update the admission process, allowing anyone to complete the process as quickly as possible and with less errors. The use of the e-Admission system can be divided into two main parts, one for application and verification via the internet and one for online administration.

Electronic administration

E-admission can be used not only for the application process, but also for subsequent administration. After the closing of the application period and the processing of the applicants’ data, the E-Admission interface will reopen and anyone can start the admission process (uploading documents, one-off order changes, data changes).

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