Winter Dances


Winter Dances is one of the annual performances of the Contemporary Dance BA students of BCDC. The presented works are a result of fresh encounters, ideas, and movements.
Two pieces will be premiered at the event. The first-year students work with László Fülöp, alias Timothy and the Things. László reframes the solos of the students they created for themselves, thereby producing a group piece from the individual materials. The second-year students work with Marcela Giesche (D). Together they are continuing the work they began earlier this year and creating the work “moving matters in unstable landscapes”, which is multi-sensory and playful, fully immersing, and at times including the audience as part of the materiality of the space. 
We are inviting family, friends, and those who are interested in our work of researching contemporary dance and the language of performing arts.


Date: 20.12.2023. 15:00
Venue: Budapest Circus Art and Contemporary Dance College 1036 Budapest, Perc utca 2./2nd floor

Please fill out the registration form, so we know how many people we can count on.

If you can, please support the event by donating. With this, you are contributing to supporting additional professional programs for the students.
The suggested donation is 2500 HUF

Supporters: Új Előadóművészeti Alapítvány, National Cultural Fund of Hungary, Erasmus+ Program


Detailed program:


László Fülöp, HERE & NOW – season 2. episode 1. (15’)

László Fülöp, just like last year, created a piece by stringing together solo works made by first-year students. He chose one of his favorite music compositions as a leading structure to create the framework for the show, called “Toilet Brushes” by Nils Frahm. The main objective of this collaborative work was to encourage cooperation within the group while allowing each student’s qualities and fortes to shine through, and for the students to learn from one another. All materials used in the piece were created solely by the students, and the editing was done through compositional games developed by Timothy and the Things (a project-based company), grounded on their previous creations. The resulting piece has a loosely woven structure that does not aim for linear storytelling but instead for the joy or challenge of playing together.

Creation and performance: Jácinta Adél Benedek, Katalin Huszár, Sára Csaba, Simona Lazurová, Veera Laurila, Zarja Ferlinc
Music: Nils Frahm – Toilet Brushes
Composition: László Fülöp 


Marcela Giesche (D), moving matters in unstable landscapes (30′)

Everything is matter and everything is moving: our bodies, other bodies, our clothes, our stuff, the walls, the floor, the street, the city, the mountains, the planet …

Without interpreting, assigning meaning or symbolism to any of their actions, the dancers in the performance move through a tightly structured score with several phases: moving the matter in and around themselves. The work is multi-sensory and playful, fully immersing, and at times including the audience as part of the materiality of the space.  Images and constellations appear by chance and immediately dissolve into something else.  The simultaneous order and disorder of the chaos reminds at times of natural forces at play – passing through geological and human made landscapes in various temporalities.

Although on the surface, the dancers choices may appear random, what ties the work together is an underlying meditative physical quality resulting from deep attention, presence, and the simple pleasure of moving and being moved.

Choreography and direction: Marcela Giesche
Sound design / editing: Marcela Giesche
Movement creation: Barbara Dabis, Nikolett Gelb, Dorka Guba, Réka Hofbauer, Lea Kiss, Emese Murányi, Johanna Szőke

Thank you to BCDC, Dóra, Tamás, Iván, and the Erasmus Mobility Program for the support enabling this work to emerge.